Dear Quota International Clubs:

As you know, we’ve handled all of Quota’s insurance needs for over 20 years. However, with the unfortunate news of the QI HQ closing its doors this coming September, I wanted to reach out to each of you to go over a couple of crucial insurance implications that will affect your individual chapters.


  • Directors and Officers
  • General Liability

General Liability
As you know, we had a General Liability policy that each Chapter would buy into each time you all had an event.

At this point, the “group” baseline policy would go away and each Chapter would need to have it’s own coverage.

  • We can procure that for you. We are able to get each of the Chapters, it’s own annual General Liability policy.
  • Cost for this policy that will protect your Chapter for the entire year with a $1m limit, is about $200-$400.
  • This will adequately protect your Chapter for the events you have during the course of the year.
  • We will provide certificates when needed that evidence that coverage when requested by a 3rd party.
  • All you’ll need to do is download and fill out the QUOTA CLUB GL QUESTIONNAIRE and we will provide you a quote

Directors and Officers
Directors and Officers is a crucial coverage for organizations to adequately protect its board members. Without this coverage or some form of indemnification to pay out on claims, the assets of the board members may be at stake as the decisions made by the board are the board’s personal financial responsibility. We at Rust write many national organizations with national membership/individual associated groups and there is a common misconception that the Headquarters D&O protects them. It does not. Each Chapter would need its own.

If you have any questions on the coverage or while filling out these applications, please feel free to call on me directly.

Many thanks,
Billy Simons